Audition Prep Lessons


Barnard-Wright, KaitlynHaney, MorganMicaletti, Tori
Black, ChristianHemsath, JacobNelson, Seth
Bourland, BethanyLindsey, CaddoSouthard, Morgan
Bowden, CibbyLowber, CherylStotts, Will
Brewer, HannahMakepeace, HannahVictorian, Malik
Duncan, KallyMartin, TrishaVillarreal, Jason
Forcht, CharlotteMazur, MikeWhite, Sarah


College Audition Prep

These lessons will help prepare students who are auditioning for college admissions or other programs outside of NTPA such as camps or intensives.  The Director will review the requirements for the audition and ensure they are being met.  Assist the student in choosing pieces, preparing them, and optionally record for video submissions.


NTPA Audition Prep

These lessons will help students prepare for NTPA auditions.  Directors will help the students choose monologues and audition cuts appropriate for the show/role they are auditioning for, then guide them to be successful in their audition process--slating, focal points, vocal placement/vowel modifications, etc.  This is offered to help remove pressure from parents to find audition materials for their child and to help students be more confident and successful.